What are the Two Basic Types of Aircraft

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One can trace the source of the aircraft to mythology. From the Greek myths to the Egyptian gods’ historical connotations, one can see that the concept of aircraft has always been there. However, it was not until 1903 when the two bright minds, the Wright Brothers mainly, came together to develop the first manned flight.


Their knowledge gave rise to a culmination of a working plane that continued to develop with the incorporation of advanced refurbishments. From there on, connecting the world with aircraft has become easier. Although one may find a variety of aircraft flying in the sky, what are the two major aircraft that rule it? That’s what we will find out.


Before We Move On To Discussing The Two Variations Of Aircraft, Let’s Focus On Scientifically What We Mean By An Aircraft…


Any vehicle that is manufactured to fly in the air is called an aircraft. While the airplane is considered one of the foremost and common variations of aircraft, other vessels also fly through the air. Those variations fall into the category of aircraft as well. As they all have propellers and wings or any kind of machinery to navigate through the air, the usage, variations, sizes may vary differently.

Further, Let’s Discuss The Classification Of Aircraft:

In most common terms, there exist two variations of aircraft. One is lighter than air aircraft, scientifically known as aerostats, while the other is heavier, known as aerodynes.


  • Aerostats (Lighter Than Air):

Aerostats or lighter than air aircraft are generally lightweight in weight. These variations of light aircraft use buoyancy like ships. This assists in keeping them floating in the air. Moreover, it also includes low-density gas such as hydrogen; helium is used to fill in the aircraft. As the low-density gas is always lighter than the hair, this phenomenon influenced the generation of the name. The most common variation of the types of aerostats that we know is hot air balloons and sky lanterns.


  • Aerodynes (Heavier Than Air):

Alternative to the other aircraft, the heavier than air or aerodynes is on, the heavier and higher side, in terms of weight and size. This is because they generally push the gas or the air downwards, which helps push the aircraft upwards.


Since these are the dynamics through movements in the air that help keep the machinery afloat, it is thus called Aerodynes. For example, while purchasing an Aircraft propeller for sale in Oklahoma, you will notice that it follows two variations of mechanism to keep it afloat. One follows the mechanism of fixed-wing while the other mechanism is rotorcraft.


Two Types Of Aircraft Are Commonly Noticed:


  • Turboprop Aircraft

This variation of the aircraft has one or more gas turbines. You can get Used Aircraft Propellers for Sale in Oklahoma for the aircraft. Compared to the piston, turboprop aircraft can fly at higher altitudes of 35,000 ft. Moreover, they are durable and can fly for a longer time.


  • Jets

Jet planes are known to many for enhanced speed and power as opposed to standard aircraft. They can fly at high speed, even achieve supersonic mode. Normally, the jet comes in different sizes. However, they go at around Mach 0.8 and fly as high as 49,000 feet.


Ending note:

Apart from these two variations of aircraft, you may find other types of aircraft as well. To know thoroughly about the anatomy and parts of the aircraft and what makes it better, hit the Oklahoma Jet.