Major Changes of Aviation Industry in the Last Decade

From longer queues to stringent and organized systems, from the issues of getting the luggage to having check-in kiosks, from business classes to premium economy that is responsible for generating a whole new seating class, the alteration recorded in the aviation industry in the past ten years has surely been shockingly better. 

Not only that, but the stringent security has gotten more rationally governed, the bland meals have gotten the touch of taste that it deserved, and the element of comfort has added to the journey a more relaxing component that is needed to steer off the concept; of jet lag.’ How did this happen? 

The contemporary era is considered the golden age of aviation as air travel has gone through an immense modification in the last ten years. 

Has The Modification Borne A Positive Or Negative Result? Let’s Find Out…

  • Saying no to travel agents: 

In this era, the travel agents are done and dusted for. 

A study has found that the travel agent industry has taken a backseat as a declining 9% of job loss has been noticed in the sector. It is expected to decline more within 2026. 

The inclusion of websites through which you can book yourself and airline tickets yourself without taking the agent’s help has increased more in number. 

With the self-service check-in kiosk system set up in airports, the concept of asking the agent to get a ticket is pretty much discarded. Though the kiosk system popped up in the ’80s, the boom in the number happened around the beginning of the 2000s. 

A study has shown that 46% of travelers tend to choose the system to check anything about the ticket

  • Travelling has become paperless. 

Going paperless not only makes the aspect of the journey more eco-friendly but reduces the complications of traveling. Nowadays, checking the status of boarding has shifted to the mobile check-in system as it lessens the issues. 

With one text to the smartphones, everything has become online. From online booking to check-in to electronic tickets, from checking the departure status to the handling of a systematic review of the method, everything has been done by the internet. While the ticket concept was introduced in 1994, it took its sweet time to reach its full potential. 

 According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), only 19% of global tickets were obtained using electronic means, which increased in 2008 to cut costs.

But thanks to the advanced mode of technology, the passengers are now getting their tickets directly texted or emailed to their smartphones. 

  • A boom in the number of flyers:

More people are now okay with the concept of flying to their destination than taking the train or taking any other means of transportation. While convenience is a contributing factor in the boom of the increased number of passengers, it is also the affordability that has recorded a whopping 3.8 billion air travelers in 2016 alone. 

The number, however, is predicted to increase by around 7.2 billion passengers by 2035. 

  • No free foods though: 

Gone are the days when a beautifully shaken martini and prosciutto were given to the passengers whenever they used to fly. Nowadays, even getting free food means water, and pretzels are considered to be lucky. 

However, this series depends on the carrier you have chosen to take you to your destination. Depending on the plane, you might get a hot mean on long-haul to international flights, in many domestic flights, but in many domestic flights, it may not even come to that as the cost may not cover the excessive charges. 

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