About Us

Specializing in Aircraft from Mid-Life Through Retirement

Oklahoma Jet is a purpose-built technology-driven trading company specializing in the buying, resale, exchange, and leasing of high-quality corporate aircraft engines, APUs, avionics and other spare parts.

With a clear business model that focuses on value-enhancement Oklahoma Jet aggressively embrace an acquisition strategy that is committed to sourcing only quality in-production aircraft.

Oklahoma Jet is more than the sum of its parts with OVER 150 YEARS OF COMBINED EXPERIENCE

Oklahoma Jet has over 150 years combined experience in the aviation arena which provides reliable, cost effective ready-to-go solutions for your aircraft requirements. Although the dismantling of an aircraft is not unique, we invest substantial resources in identifying the components that need to be in stock ready-to-go to support your operating requirements.

Facility Overview– 3,200 square feet of office space
– 40,000+ warehouse facility
– Climate controlled, low humidity environment for parts storage
– State of the art security and fire protection systems